Скрипт всех объектов базы данных MS SQL

Чтобы заскриптовать все объекты базы данных MS SQL Server, можно воспользоваться EM где выбрать базу и затем
Все задачи -> Generate SQL Script.

Но можно использовать и следующую команду:
scptxfr.exe /s ServerName /d BaseName /P Password /f C:\script.sql

Другие параметры

SCPTXFR /s <server> /d <database> {[/I] | [/P <password>]}

{[/F <script files directory>] | [/f <single script file>]}

/q /r /O /T /A /E /C <CodePage> /N /X /H /G /?

/s  -  Indicates the source server to connect to.

/d  -  Indicates the source database to script.

/I  -  Use integrated security.

/P  -  Password to use for 'sa'. Note that login ID is always

       If /P is not used or if a password does not follow the
       flag, a null password is used. Not compatible with /I.

/F  -  The directory into which the script files should be
       generated. This means one file is generated for each
       category of objects.

/f  -  The single file into which all scripts are to be saved.
       Not compatible with /F.

/q  -  Use quoted identifiers in the generated scripts.

/r  -  Include drop statements for the objects in the script.

/O  -  Generate Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)script files.
       Cannot be used with /A or /T. This is the default behavior.

/T  -  Generate UNICODE script files. Cannot be used with /A or

/A  -  Generate ANSI script files. Cannot be used with /T or /O.

/?  -  Command line help.

/E  -  Stop scripting when error occurs.
       Default behavior is to log the error and continue.

/C  -  Indicate the CodePage that overrides the server CodePage.

/N  -  Generate ANSI PADDING.

/X  -  Script stored procedures (SPs) and extended stored
       procedures (XPs) to separate files.

/H  -  Generate script files without header (the default is: with

/G  -  Use the specified server name as the prefix for the
       generated output files (to handle dashes in server name).

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